What You Need to Know When Buying Fixie Bikes
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What You Need to Know When Buying Fixie Bikes


Fixie bikes or fixed-gear bikes are single-speed and with gears fixed, and these bikes can’t be purchased to stand still. You simply have to advance, brake, and go backwards by pedaling. The rear wheel only rotates when the pedals are turned. When you pedal forward, you move forward and when you pedal backward, you go backward. If you stop pedaling, you brake. It may need additional training which is not necessary when using the free-wheel bike. However, fixies have their own set of advantages.


You won’t have an issue with the gear ratio. The fixie is the right kind of bike to ride on a flat terrain and also for short trips.

Zero Maintenance

Since it has no gear shifter, it does not need that much maintenance. This is the reason why fixie bikes are often the choice of urban messengers as well as in the financial cities around the globe.

Easy Handling

This type of bike is easy to handle; your legs are your brakes and accelerator. What you need to do is to move at a quicker pace if you like to go faster. You can also put reverse pressure through your feet if you intend to slow down or stop.

Better Drivetrain Efficiency

The fixie bike has a shorter chain compared to the conventional bikes. It is also completely straight which is instrumental for the gears to function smoothly. The cyclist will feel this while pedaling. The bike also does not have pulleys or transmission devices since everything here is kept simple.

Muscle Exercise

Multiple muscles groups are made to work together compared to when you pedal on a more conventional bike. It also presents a good means to strengthen all the muscles as preparation for a race. This is great for intense training sessions or as interval training after an injury since it is encouraged to maintain blood circulation and to ensure muscle flexibility.

If you are planning to buy a fixie soon, take a look at the following tips first:

Skill Level

If you have not ridden a fixed gear bike in the past, it’s better for you to look into a flip-flop rear hub type which is fixed on one side while the other side is free wheel and of course, brakes. This will make sure that you won’t hurt yourself.


It’s easy to find a fixie bike that is under $500. In fact, you might be overwhelmed by the options available to you. This entails looking into your kind of usage. If it is intended for a city commute, you may even opt for the disposable type. This means you need to spend accordingly.

Frame Material

Make sure that you stick to chromoly steel. Look for a brand like Reynolds or True Temper. The other materials might rattle off and cause injury.

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