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Top 5 Most Affordable Floor Options for Your Garage


When choosing a flooring option for your house, you may use hardwood for the dining and living room and tile for the kitchen. Unfortunately, little thought is put into the best flooring option for the garage. Due to the conditions in the garage, it is crucial to choose the right floor that is durable and can withstand oil spills, high traffic, and heavy weights.

The following are the five most affordable floor options you can pick for your garage.

  • Interlocking Tiles

This is one of the perfect flooring options for the garage. The material is made from heavy-duty rubber or vinyl and can come in various colors. Together, the tiles interlock and snap together. If you have a concrete floor, you can add interlocking tiles to hide the blemishes. You can also go for the peek-and-stick option, where you combine colors to create a pattern.

  • Epoxy

Enhance the look of your garage with an epoxy flooring option. This is one of the best garage floor coatings that are durable, highly resistant, and looks great. This coating has a hardener that requires you to thoroughly clean the floor and etch if necessary. However, it is crucial to keep time and apply it within two hours before it hardens. The best thing is that you can choose different colors based on what you want. It is a durable floor coating option you can never go wrong with. Furthermore, it does not give you trouble cleaning oil stains, the most common issue in a garage.

  • Carpet

Adding a carpet in the garage may be the last thing you think about because of all the dirt and dust in that room. However, it is a cheap option when you don’t want to buy expensive supplies for other options. The best thing is that sturdy carpet options have been designed to withstand harsh conditions. Such carpets are resistant to oil spills. You can simply wipe off the spill without the need to deep clean. A carpet is easy to install, durable, and comes in different patterns.

  • Paint

You can make your garage look great by simply painting the floor. Even though most garage flooring options require special equipment and knowledge of installation, you can go for this cheap option with the supplies you might already have in the garage. However, before you paint, it is crucial to prepare the floor. Start by cleaning the floor and fixing cracks. You should also apply a primer before the paint for the best results. However, even if painting the garage floor is a cheaper option, it is not durable. That means you will need to repaint often.

  • Concrete Stain

One of the reasons why concrete stain is a great floor coating option is that you can apply it in a thin layer. After preparing your concrete floor, add the concrete stain for an attractive finish. Concrete stain is more durable compared to paint and does not chip easily.

Key Takeaways

These are great and affordable flooring options you can pick for your garage. Hiring an experienced handyman for the installation is the best way to guarantee excellent results. Go through these options and pick the most suitable one based on your needs.

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