Everything You Need To Know About Quiet Tyres
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Everything You Need To Know About Quiet Tyres


Recently all the leading tire manufacturers have come up with noise-reduction technology that ensures a quiet, smooth, and comfortable ride. Brands like BfGoodrich, Pirelli, and Michelin, among others have included noise-less features in their tyres that promise a quieter ride for passengers and drivers alike.

BfGoodrich tires Dubai industry has gotten the vehicle owners excited with its rugged terrain all-season tires that are built for adventure. BfGoodrichTyresuse innovative tread design elements that provide a comfortable and quiet ride. Anyone who puts no-noise feature as a priority must consider tread patterns, traction, and wheel size elements while buying new tyres.

Here are some of the features that you need to look for in quiet tyres:

  1. There has to be continuity in circumferential ribs, along with straight grooves in between.
  2. Smaller blocks and reduced rolling resistance along with reinforced sidewall absorbs shock for a quieter ride.
  3. Tyresdesigned with a symmetrical/regular ribbed tread pattern that follows the road surface at all times ensure a smooth, noiseless ride.
  4. A tyre’s tread design featuring intermediate blocks suppress sound. These blocks are integrated with wingtip design and stealth technology.
  5. Narrower tyre sizes and softer rubber composition also contribute to a soundless drive.

How Quiet Tyres Work

Each tyre manufacturer has its own process, materials, and technology to achieve the noise-reduction feature. Foam cushion is a common factor among all as it is inserted inside the tire tread, visible on the outside of the tire. It is on top of the carcass, the last interior layer between the tie and the steel wheel, contributing to a quieter drive. This layer restricts sounds like vibration and compressed air.

The technology behind quiet tyres is such that it is fitted on a vehicle with a conventional fuel injection engine which ensures safety at all times. It allows the driver to remain attentive as the engines will continue to roar even when the tyres are quiet.

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It is also important for drivers to maintain these quiet tyres by regularly taking them in for balancing, alignment, and rotation. This will help promote better tread wear and keep the quiet tires functioning in the way they were designed.

Choosing the Right Tyre

If you decide to buy a quiet tyre then make sure you have done some thorough research beforehand. Look at all the possibilities and search for the brand that has gained reputation for its noise-less technology. It is equally important to buy tyres from a trusted source so that you land with a genuine product. Dubai Tyre Shop is a reliable source for online tyre buying, earning great customer reviews. Pirelli, BfGoodrich, Michelin, and Continental are some of the top brands that the shop is selling, along with manufacturer’s original warranty. Customers can also book an appointment for detailed recommendations, in which the expert mechanics can guide keeping in mind the driver’s preferences, driving style, and vehicle type.

Quiet tyres is a new wave technology and the trend is all set to grow with time.

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