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Tire Inflators or Air Compressors: What is the difference?


When it comes to playing, the first thing that strikes our mind is football. We kick and thrash the ball as if no one from the other team interferes in between the game. But, to kick or play with football, inflating air is essential. Well, there are various ways of inflating air into tires, but the only difference is whether to use air compressors or tire inflators? Here, the main difference is the size, the usage of power, and the production of pressure. To know what exactly the difference is? Let us discuss more in detail on their nuances.

Difference between air compressors and tire inflators:

Air Compressors:

The air compressor generally is comparatively larger than the tire inflators and is likely built in a tank. And, this makes them gain weight additionally, in turn making it harder, and efficient. These compressors are belt-driven, whereas the advanced high models extend their lifespan using lubricating oil. Some of these lubricated oil models are found mostly on the market. Moreover, the air compressor is available in all sizes. These air compressors are generally plugged into the wall outlet as a greater force to inflate vehicle tires in seconds, whereas the tire inflator with gauge may take minutes. Therefore, an automotive or a tire shop probably adopts air compressors of 30 gallons or even more. And, a 60-gallon compressor is considered as “overkill”, as they require a power of about 220 Volts. But, using a 60-gallon compressor, high reliability and a considerably greater volume of airflow is achieved for inflating tires rapidly.

Tire Inflators:

In particular, a tire inflator is the advanced evolution in an air compressor technology and designed specifically for inflating tires. All of these compressors are direct driven rather than being belt-driven. This sounds extremely good, right. But, this is possible only by investing more money. Here’s the best example of a smaller 12 Volt compressor. These 12 Volt small compressors have been around decades, whereas the newer model is exploring the market. These new inflators are the size of your palm hand that are frequently cordless. Thus, being cordless inflates one tire to the next tire with proper pressure. Here, some inflators use battery packs. This is because they can be used to jump a stranded vehicle. Well, this combo perfectly suits the people, if they frequently need to rescue stranded cars or need to inflate tires in junk cars. The great things about the tire inflator units are that; easily portable with additional features such as flashlights, emergency signals, and USB ports. They work well at the time of emergencies and can be kept in a car.

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Hope, we all understood the difference between tire inflators and air compressors. It says that tire inflators are more portable than air compressors and can be used for your home or garage, whereas the large air compressors consist of tanks, wheels, which is unfit to be kept in the car trunk.

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