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How to Buy a Used Car


Used car dealerships can be the ideal place to buy your teen’s first car. There is no more excitement for a teenager than buying her first big trip.

I can remember when I was 16 and took the driving test to get my license. I was so excited and felt so much better than my friends who still couldn’t drive alone. I proudly displayed that driver’s license at school.

Then when I brought all my friends together for the first time … it was very exciting: independence and freedom were mine!

Ah, but I had to get everyone to pile into my dad’s baby blue wooden pickup, that wasn’t so cool. I still remember that unforgettable day when my dad suggested that we go get our first set of wheels.

Now we are talking about excitement and suspense!

I remember him helping me go through the papers to buy Used Cars in Bakersfield at a private party. We were making appointments to go see the car, racing around town.

He would have found a really cool looking car, but he felt that the engine was not solid or that the car had too many miles for the seller’s asking price. Each time, my heart sank at the thought that I would not find the great looking car that would stand my father’s test.

I’m happy to say at the end that we found the first perfect car: the Chevrolet Chevelle 68. However, I still remember that the process of going through a private owner was too long and exhausting for me.

I wish there was a faster way.

Well now that I’m in my mid-forties, I know there is a better way!

There are used car dealerships where you can find a quality used car for your teen without much patience on the part of the new driver.

There are auto dealerships that have auto consultants who will work with you to find the exact vehicle your teen is looking for. Just visit the agent and talk to the counselor, he will listen to what he is looking for and will do everything he can to get your teenager on his first trip.

Since cars are checked for safety, you can feel confident that your teen is in a car that will be safe for him or her. In addition, the vehicle will be inspected for any past damage that may have occurred and could cause costly repairs to the teenager on the road.

By stopping once, your teen might discover a car that fits that “cool” factor and make my dad happy that he wasn’t stolen by buying a “nothing but trouble” car.

Used car dealerships can be the answer to your job in finding a great first ride for your teen.

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