Jeff Breault – An Insight into The Professional World of Car Racing
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Jeff Breault – An Insight into The Professional World of Car Racing


Jeff Breault is the Vice President of Carey, Thomas, Hoover & Breault brokerage firm in Wichita, USA. He is fond of country music and loves to listen to it in his spare time. He says that the professional world of car racing cannot be mastered in a short span of time. You should put in the effort and be dedicated to regular practice if you wish to become a successful professional car racer on the track.

How should you start?

Kickstarting professional racing takes time, and so the first thing you need to do is enroll yourself in a good school that teaches you how to start with automotive racing. Every student should have a clear and defined understanding of how racing cars work. They are different from regular cars, and so as a professional car racer the onus should not be on speed but on moving the car smoothly on the track says, Jeffrey Breault. In car racing schools, you get the opportunity to train under experts in the field. From their track records and experience, they provide you with valuable tips on how to master your car racing techniques and win sponsors in the field.

Why sponsors?

Before you get into professional car racing events and tournaments, you must understand that it is an expensive field. When you are entering into any event or competition, you should pay participation fees. These fees are taken for the towing charges in case your car overturns or has an accident during the race. In order to win sponsors, you must have a winning record on the circuit. Experts recommend you should participate in as many driver education events as you can. Major race tracks organize these events for both new and experienced car racers. These events will give you an insight into the latest trends that are being followed in the field of professional car racing and helps you to improve on your skills as a racer.

Track and circuit knowledge

Professional car racing experts recommend you should have track and circuit knowledge before every tournament you participate in. This knowledge helps you to perform well on track. If you are able to pick up the right knowledge before the event, you get a competitive edge over the others participating in the race. Here, you should visit the track before the race and carefully make a note of the turns and corners. It is wise to take a sheet of paper and draw the track with the important points marked.

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Every professional driver will be aware of the salient points of the racing track that will impact performance. Moreover, having a mental picture of the track before the race makes you prepared in advanced. You can focus on strategy and technique to get the winning edge in the game.

Jeff Breault says these are just some of the salient points you should keep in mind when you venture into the world of professional car racing. They help you perform better and improve your confidence to a great extent with success

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